Ruby Cup in LungaLunga

Many girls in Kenya, as in many other poor countries of Africa and Asia, the girls stay at home during their menstrual period.
As a consequence they lose a quarter of their time in school and sometimes the even drop out of school entirely.

Lerum Aspen Rotary Club are heading and runs the project “Ruby Cup in LungaLunga” by offering and donating a so called HSQ-kit which stands for Health, Saftey and Quality.

The HSQ-kit consists of menstrual cup, boiling bowl, sterilization tablets and a guideline of hygienic usage together with proper education.

The aim of the education is importance of a good personal hygiene, to inform and discuss what happens in a young woman’s body when she reaches the age of puberty. The project enables the women to a more every day and independent life, offering an opportunity to fulfill their time in school without interruptions, bringing their level of education to the same level as for the boys.

We cooperate in all aspects with the women center Nikumbuke in Kenya and Ruby Cup.

The menstrual cup promotes gender equality, health and education together with less environmental stress as the waste decrease.

The money is raised by the sales of fabric bags sewn by the women in LungaLunga, other incomes are through contributions, gifts and other activities.

For more information please contact us on, rubycup@lerumaspenrk.se

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